Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day, Another Collar

I got in über-late last night. That equals late wake up. So... Michelle & I had lunch together. Then I went to Zac's to pick up his computer & Levi Lowrey's hard drive. Then I showed up just in time for a tiny session for Levi's album at my studio. Sally Jaye flew into town to sing on Levi's album. She was done in 30 minutes. It was perfect for the song.
Then I sat in on 45+ minutes of Larry Anthony mastering the new album. He doesn't need me there so I didn't feel guilty slipping out.
I dropped Zac's computer off at Atlanta Pro Audio, had dinner, then showed up at Guitar Center by 6:30pm. I judged the Atlanta finals for Guitar Center's King of the Blues competition. It was quick & painless.
Michelle & I spent the rest of the evening together. Not many Thursdays at home left for the year.