Saturday, September 5, 2009

& Away We Go...

So... yeah... Georgia had flashes of brilliance today. Richard Samuel, the O Line, the D Line, & the play calling was great. The execution was kinda weak. We really coulda benefitted from Stafford & Moreno staying for one more year. Jow Cox looked okay... for an ACC QB. We gonna need more than that to beat Florida. I wouldn't be surprised if we were slightly above Vandy & Kentucky at the end of the year. If he doesn't show much more promise, Joe Cox might be the next Joe Tereshinski III. He was removed from his starting job a few years ago to start the ball rolling on a freshman named Matthew Stafford.
Anyway, I recovered from last night's gig fantastically by staying in the bed ALL DAY but an hour to walk the dogs & go downstairs to eat. Atlanta is no place to drive this weekend. Braves, Bama & VT at the Dome, Black Gay Pride Celebration, DragonCon, & NASCAR race weekend. Sheesh! I'll just stay home.