Monday, September 7, 2009

In Preparation...

Today did NOT feel like a holiday. It just felt like Monday. After Michelle & I ran, I went to the studio to grab some instruments. I spent most of the day scheming for tomorrow's show. Not much else. Michelle made zucchini bread &, what I'd like to call, "fridge velcro" pot pie: basically, she cooked a bunch of veggie in a pot pie before they went bad. It was awesome. I haven't had zucchini bread in years. I think my Dad used to make it when I was kid.
I watched Stephen King's "The Mist" tonight. Wow. I was impressed. The special effects were kinda lame but the story was fantastic... like most of his movies. I suggest it.
Ready for tomorrow. Everything's restrung & packed in the basement. See you there.