Friday, September 18, 2009

Montgomery, AL

Where do I start? We were supposed to load in in Montgomery at noon. Since we have a brand new bus (maiden voyage actually), it had some kinks that were not worked out before they gave it to us. We showed up to the gig around 6pm (an hour & a half to put everything together. That's not much time with our skeleton crew & all the gear that we have. Our expanded crew starts on Sunday. Sheesh.
The gig was great though. We played the Riverwalk Ampitheatre to close out the Bassmasters Classic. The stage kinda smelled like fish.
Anyway, I got my shower (finally) & we're heading back north to meet up with Sugarland & Kenny Chesney. I would say it's gonna be nice to see the guys in Sugarland but I saw them last week at home. Oh well.