Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Births

Michelle & I went running. After that, I sprinted to Atlanta Pro Audio to pickup some things for Zac's new Pro Tools HD rig. I then made my way to the 800 East studio complex. Today was day one of mastering my new record with Larry Anthony at COS Mastering. As the process goes on, I get more & more excited. I feel like I've finally made a statement with this album.
Michelle & I had dinner at Lenox as I picked up the final ingredient for Zac's computer at the Apple Store.
On to Zac's for a meeting with the band regarding the upcoming tour. I got there an hour early to work on his HD rig. As I pulled up, Zac greeted me & told me 'it was time.' Zac's wife was finally ready to give birth to #3. The band moved the meeting to the patio of Dixie Tavern (appropriately enough). Georgia Brown was born sometime before midnight. A big congrats to the Brown family.