Saturday, October 3, 2009

Austin, TX

I fell off the blog wagon. I had good reason. Starting on Monday the 21st, we had 3 solid days of constant rehearsal in Athens, GA. At which, on the final day, I got sick. My good friend (& even best man at my wedding) is in the group of folks who are touring with us. That's put a bright spin on everything.
The following 3 shows were very stressful but rewarding. The crowds were fantastic.
The 3 days that we had at home were riddled by errands & working on equipment for the road. Also, I spent a great deal setting up Michelle's surprise birthday party (which went off fairly well). By the end of the day, I think she had a good birthday.
The past few shows have been great. Yesterday was in the Dallas area. We played the Nokia Theatre. What a great night. This show is really coming together to be something special. Damn Zac Brown & his good ideas.
Michelle has been out with us this weekend. I wanted her to see how hectic my new daily road schedule. I think she believes me when I say that "I'm busy".
Today was a rain soaked set at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. All in all, minus the rain & the lack of planning on the party of the festival folks, we had a great day.
Rain on the forecast for tomorrow. Grab your galoshes.