Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coy Bowles (Studio Madness)

Since I last blogged I have been hard at work on my house. Still juicing. Still working out. I did take delivery of a new washer/dryer. I had a couple nights in the studio last week for Coy's album. I also went to Nashville this past weekend. I traded for my ultimate road pedal steel. Since I only use one neck on the steel (the E9 neck) I got a Sho-Bud LDG - which is just that: a single neck on a double frame. It's pretty awesome.
While in Nashville I also played at 3rd & Lindsley. I opened up for Shawn Mullins. They simulcast the concert on Lightning 100, Nashville's AAA radio station. It was a great night.
I drove home on Monday & squeezed in some work on the house along with a trip to the grocery store. Today, after my juicing & workout, I had a chimney sweep not only clean my fireplace but remove & dispose of the wood burning stove insert that was in it. I'm almost ready for a fire. All I need is cold weather (81ยบ today), wood, & a screen to place in front of it. Most of that will come in due time. I also was one the radio tonight. I co-hosted "Dave After Tomorrow" on DaveFM here in Atlanta. Our subject was Murder Ballads. It was a really fun show & Margot has invited me back any time I want. After the radio show I had a crazy session for Coy Bowles. I recorded a 12 piece horn section. It was trying but we all got through it with smiles on our faces. I'm about to drop. Ready for sleep & another tightly packed day of activities tomorrow.