Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Franklin, TN (CMT Artist of the Year taping)

I woke up in my bunk. Wyatt & I found our way into the venue (which happens to be the same place that we recorded the Crossroads with Jimmy Buffett). Anyway, we had an early morning rehearsal & worked in our special guest, Amos Lee, into the arrangement of "Colder Weather." Jimmy, our fiddle player, didn't make this trip. His wife is due any minute now. But we made due without him.
Coy & I went to the hotel & showered (separately). Then it was back to work - hurry up & wait. Our call time was 2:30pm. By 5pm they were running so far behind on camera blocking that we didn't even get a chance to play our soundcheck. Oh well - we're professionals.
The evening was fantastic. 2 hours of dinner. The actual taping went on an hour & a half longer than expected but everyone in the room was 'with the program.' A my table was Chris Fryar (our drummer), Iron Chef Cat Cora, & Kid Rock. Bobby (Kid) & I talked all night about music & life. It was a blast. Especially once he & his date were at the bottom of a Jim Beam bottle. He is such a rock star. He lit up his cigar & a rep from Carrie Underwood asked him to put it out because she was about to sing on stage. He didn't.
It was a wonderful night. It will air Friday night.
I didn't go to Jason Aldean's after party. I have a 6:15am flight tomorrow morning. That means a 4:30am wake up call.

Monday, November 29, 2010

En Route

I ran a ton of errands around town today, preparing for the long set of trips I'm about to take. It's hard to keep everything organized in my head. I have to write things down. My yellow legal pad is my best friend right now.
I'm sitting in my bunk on the way to Nashville right now. Ready for a crazy day tomorrow - CMT Artist of the Year taping. I'll try to give some good details.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slightly Post Thanksgiving

Well, I guess I'll just recap the whole month. Since I last wrote we did the CMA's. We got to play "As She's Walking Away" with Alan Jackson. We won Best New Artist (chuckle). We went home for a day then flew to Napa, CA for a AAA/Hot AC radio conference. It wasn't bad. I had a couple more days at home (in which I caught something - the doctor thought it was a virus at this point in the month). We then made our way on the bus to Miami. We played a concert for NASCAR & did some interviews for them. When I got home & the steroids were gone, I went back to the doctor. He then gave me an antibiotic. That worked great. Almost done with the round. Apparently it was a sinus infection that spun out of control.
While I was home after that I did some home improvement & made some demos of my new songs. I went out of town for a few days for Thanksgiving. I also attempted to run a 5K on Thanksgiving day. Because I wasn't totally well I had to walk after mile one. I got a really bad nose bleed during the race. It was pretty embarrassing.
The holiday was great. Tons of food. Tons of football... maybe the best week of football I've ever watched. Great games... for 5 days in a row (if you count Monday night). My Bulldogs, Falcons, & Hawks all won (multiple times in reference to the Hawks).
I have a lot coming up. My goal is to get back to blogging everyday because everyday will be different. Well - we'll see.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kansas City, MO (pre-show)

I spent most of last week recording Coy & in the continuation of maintaining my house. We left on Wednesday night. Thursday brought Indianapolis. Friday was St. Louis & Saturday was Wichita. The crowds have been great & the shows have been wonderful. It's been Casey Driessen opening up for Oliver Wood. Again, I've had the privilege to play with Oliver during his set. Also, out on tour with us this week has been Jerry Douglas. He is the greatest resonator/Dobro player to ever live. He's also really cool. I've really enjoyed not only the time on stage with Jerry but the conversations that we've had. He's played with EVERYBODY! I hope to be in his league some day.
This week has been the debut of our new cook trailer & expansion of the food team. Before the new trailer, Chef Rusty was only responsible for Eat & Greet food. Now, along with his larger team, he cooks breakfast, lunch, & dinner for backstage catering as well. This is a huge deal. Every meal backstage will be better food & actually cheaper than some of the big corporate craft service firms that cater most of these venues backstage. It's a plus for our comfort, health, & our budget.
The CMA's are coming up fast. Can't wait. This year has been heavy for me. I'll be glad to see the end of it. Ready to play KC tonight.