Friday, January 21, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA

I know, I know. I've yet again dropped the ball on this blog. My main focus for this tour with Levi was to keep my health & spirits up. I can honestly say, even with the sub par weather, that I've done that. It seems like a down hill ride from here on out. I can say that every bit of improvement to my body that I accomplished in October has fallen by the way side at this point. I have gained 5 pounds since December 1st & feel rather lethargic. It is my intent to shift cold turkey back to the former lifestyle when I return home.
I sit here in the dressing room of the Club Cafe in Pittsburgh writing this blog before the show. This room is very familiar as I was here with the Wood Brothers a little over a month ago. Who knows the next time I'll write again. Trying not to bother myself too much on this tour with it.
This tour has been great though. Andrew Combs has been opening a few shows for us (& selling merch). That dude is GREAT. Google him.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

St. Louis, MO

Now THAT's more like it. If the rest of the tour is like today... I'll be just fine. Not much to report. I took a nap en route from Nashville to St. Louis. The venue was great. The crowd was great. The show was great. A fabulous bounce back from last night's show. I love playing with Levi & hope that this tour is not the last of its kind. On to bed, then on to Davenport, IA tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nashville, TN

Upon waking up & watching the news there wasn't much hope for travel today. The news said, & I quote, please limit your travels to emergency only. Around 10am I tried to get out of my driveway - just testing the conditions. I couldn't get out. I called around town & found out that Target was open today. Since I was running low on food & it seemed that I was going to get trapped in my own house, I walked to Target & got a bunch of non-perishable items (frozen dinners, soup, crackers). As I was walking back I had noticed a change in the condition of the ice. My best guess is that the temp was above freezing at this point. I checked with every one else & we all decided we had a very small window to drive & escape Atlanta. So we did.
It normally takes me 45 minutes to get to my studio from my house. In these conditions it took 2 hours. I got to the studio & picked up my pedal steel & then made my way, carefully, to the warehouse. We loaded the bus & left town by 3:15pm. We were lucky. They even cancelled the Hawks game in Atlanta tonight.
We made it to Nashville & played our show. Levi & I were pretty brunt from all of the stress over the past few days. But it's all out of my hands now. We have a bus with a driver, help to carry merch & gear, & a road manager. I don't have to stress about anything. It should reflect in my performance & stage demeanor. On to St. Louis.

Monday, January 10, 2011


What a game. I'm sure most expected more points from both teams... but I enjoyed it regardless. One year ago I was with the band down in Florida. We had just finished putting together all of the songs for the new album. We spent the evening watching the game & most just hung out & relaxed. So much has happened since then. No reason to recap after my last post.
Anyway, Atlanta has been blanketed by snow, freezing rain, & a low temperature. I only mention this because I am supposed to leave tomorrow morning for the second leg of the Clay vs. Levi tour. I tried to drive today to check the road conditions. If tomorrow is anything like today, I won't be able to leave my neighborhood - forget leaving Atlanta. Truth be told, I don't have very much food left here in the house. I buy what I need &, considering I am supposed to be gone tomorrow, I'm almost out. I'm worried that we won't make our gig in Nashville tomorrow. No reason crying over milk that has yet to be poured (or spilled for that matter). I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings me. Nighty, night.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review

I'll try to review this in list form... to write about it would take 15 pages.
- ZBB won a Grammy for "Best New Artist"
- Celebrated my 2-year wedding anniversary
- traveled to Iraq & Kuwait with USO (turned 32 on the plane ride home)
- instigated my own divorce
- lived with my Mom for a few months
- moved back to Snellville, GA
- engineered & played on the new Zac Brown Band record
- saw that record go gold (500,000) before the end of the year
- three #1 songs this year (Highway 20 Ride, Free, As She's Walking Away)
- toured with The Wood Brothers & Levi Lowrey
- conceptualized my next solo record

I'm sure I left something out... but that about sums it up. Welcoming 2011.
PS. The only resolution that I have is 'listen to my body' more. It will tell me when I need to slow down or stop.