Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nashville, TN

Upon waking up & watching the news there wasn't much hope for travel today. The news said, & I quote, please limit your travels to emergency only. Around 10am I tried to get out of my driveway - just testing the conditions. I couldn't get out. I called around town & found out that Target was open today. Since I was running low on food & it seemed that I was going to get trapped in my own house, I walked to Target & got a bunch of non-perishable items (frozen dinners, soup, crackers). As I was walking back I had noticed a change in the condition of the ice. My best guess is that the temp was above freezing at this point. I checked with every one else & we all decided we had a very small window to drive & escape Atlanta. So we did.
It normally takes me 45 minutes to get to my studio from my house. In these conditions it took 2 hours. I got to the studio & picked up my pedal steel & then made my way, carefully, to the warehouse. We loaded the bus & left town by 3:15pm. We were lucky. They even cancelled the Hawks game in Atlanta tonight.
We made it to Nashville & played our show. Levi & I were pretty brunt from all of the stress over the past few days. But it's all out of my hands now. We have a bus with a driver, help to carry merch & gear, & a road manager. I don't have to stress about anything. It should reflect in my performance & stage demeanor. On to St. Louis.