Friday, January 21, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA

I know, I know. I've yet again dropped the ball on this blog. My main focus for this tour with Levi was to keep my health & spirits up. I can honestly say, even with the sub par weather, that I've done that. It seems like a down hill ride from here on out. I can say that every bit of improvement to my body that I accomplished in October has fallen by the way side at this point. I have gained 5 pounds since December 1st & feel rather lethargic. It is my intent to shift cold turkey back to the former lifestyle when I return home.
I sit here in the dressing room of the Club Cafe in Pittsburgh writing this blog before the show. This room is very familiar as I was here with the Wood Brothers a little over a month ago. Who knows the next time I'll write again. Trying not to bother myself too much on this tour with it.
This tour has been great though. Andrew Combs has been opening a few shows for us (& selling merch). That dude is GREAT. Google him.