Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Absentee Blog

Alright. I'll try to ease back in to this routine. I feel old self creeping back into my life. When you tour & travel as intensely as I did for the past 2 months, you have to let some things go: like blogging. I have cold turkey'd my way back into my workout regimen, my eating & juicing regimen, & (most importantly) my sleeping regimen. I also started practicing again. I find it impossible to practice on the road. Only after two days of actually taking care of myself I feel the results. The only negative thing I feel is stupidity for not keeping up with it over the past 2 months.
To recap since I last blogged, we hit New York & most of the east coast. Boston & New York were the best shows of the whole run. XM taped the New York show. If I find out a performance schedule I will post it somewhere. Andrew Combs won the Clay vs. Levi. Ironic, huh? Most were coming a part at the seems toward the end of the run. I was for different reasons. I lost my first dog, Charlie. He was my little buddy. I raised him since he was a little Schnauz. He passed due to complications with pancreatitis. I'm glad he didn't have to suffer long.
I had much to do since I came home on Sunday. I have done much of the list with little stress. Few things left. I am taking Levi's family out for pizza tonight (it's his birthday tomorrow). I figure he'd like that better than a new pair of socks.
I'll try to blog when I am able.