Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wood Bros, Chesney, pre-Letterman

Since I last wrote I spent a few days out in Orange County, CA with my Dad. I also found time to be a part of the Wood Brothers video shoot up in Burbank. I can't wait to see the final cut of that.
On my last full day in California I drove down to Calabasas to meet up with the Wood Brothers again for a private radio industry function. We only played 20-30 minutes but it was a blazin' set. I am honored to be asked so much to be a part of their ventures. They are truly a great, unique band.
I came home a turned on the 'health switch.' Working out, juicing, eating right, & getting god amounts of sleep was part of the schedule while I was home. I found time to put an evening with Coy Bowles in the studio. However, this didn't last long. We left on Wednesday night for Nashville.
Thursday brought rehearsals with Kenny Chesney & his band. I will say that I had a blast over the next two days. We came up with some great stuff for the upcoming stadium shows for this year.
We came home Friday night & yesterday I put a self imposed LONG day in the studio yesterday. I did some drive maintenance & prepared Coy's album for mixing. There's still a few things left to track, but it never hurts to get a jump on the project. I have been working on this album, on & off, for well over a year. As much as I am proud of it, I will be glad to 'get it off of the books' soon.
Anyway, leaving this afternoon for Letterman. We will have the opportunity to get a good night's sleep (which has NEVER happened before TV). Should be a good trip. I will update (I hope).