Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ramping Back Up

I have been keeping the Tumblr thing going pretty strong. I have also changed my Faceebook page into a Band page. So instead of being 'friends' with people, they 'like' me. I know that sounds funny but it makes it easier to operate over time.
I've been spending a great deal of time getting my gear ready for the year. My hope is that once I put it together right the first time that it will need very little attention throughout the year. I am incorporating a rig built by Bob Bradshaw at Custom Audio Electronics. I can only explain it by saying that it will be a 'big boy' rig. I will post pictures & explanations once it's completed. I have also been relentlessly doing errands for the past 2 weeks. Again, in hopes that once touring begins, I won't have much on my plate.
Also, Coy's album is very close to completion. We started this thing in late '09. My only excuse is our busy schedule. I have turned down many records over the past 2 years knowing that their completion would be a lot longer than I like. It's really hard to remain motivated to work unless there are deadlines & people waiting on a record. With Coy, we have been very unmotivated at times. However, we're very close. With some luck, he will have a mastered album in his hands before April.
Today I played pedal steel & electric guitar on an album for a duo named "JoyScout." One of the girls in the band is Emily Kate Boyd. She & I have been musical friends for some time now. I also produced her last album a few years ago. This album, produced by Will Robertson, is starting to sound good. I can't wait to hear it.
After that I got a hair cut. It's definitely different than what I'm accustomed to. Since my hair now parts in the middle, I have gained a forehead. Still seems slightly foreign.
I also spent some time at our warehouse to start building my guitar rig. However, on of my specs on a custom road case was not met & we'll have to get it fixed tomorrow so I can continue this weekend. Sooo, I made lemonade with my lemons & spent most of rush hour tightening up some of Coy's mixes.
I'm home now & hopefully falling asleep soon. An equally crazy day tomorrow.