Monday, April 11, 2011

Mile 1

Since I last blogged I jumped back into working out & eating right. We took a trip to Vegas for the ACM Awards (one win). We got to play with James Taylor on the broadcast. That was huge for me. The next day we flew to Winston-Salem & rehearsed some new tunes & arrangements. The day after that, we played Winston-Salem.
The next day brought us Clemson. We stayed there for 4 days straight. Day one was rehearsing on the new mega-stage that we will be using in some of our shows this year. We had to get comfortable on that. We played two nights straight in Clemson. THen we had a day off (while we watched a bunch of great acts at our festival). Levi & I actually opened up Sunday's lineup. Amos Lee closed it out. He was SOOOOO good.
All in all, the past two weeks have been very good for me. It's just the beginning. Lots to do between now & when we 'come off of the road.' ... just passing mile marker 1.