Sunday, May 1, 2011

Down Time

I could just lay around all day. I could just NOT do anything. I AM moving forward. I've been given a gift of two extra days at home & I'm using them. Derailed by my birthday 'week,' I have rediscovered my home 'gym.' I am eating right again. I am making charts for my new album.
Yes, my new album. Next Sunday we will start. At this point in our (ZBB) career we starting losing off days here & there. I originally had 3 days to record basic tracks - but that was whittled down to two because of Kimmel. No matter. I am making charts for the players so that we save time. As it stands, I have 15 songs (which I originally had 18). I'm sure the number 15 will shrink as the recording process continues. It's best to have them recorded & cut them from the track listing as opposed to needing more material. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be filling you in as the process continues.
After my birthday, there was much recuperation to be done. Some how I ended back up at the warehouse on Friday to cut a demo with Zac. It's something that he wanted to submit to a movie. Then I had dinner with some friends that night. The next day, my Dad came into town. I had dinner with him & my Mom to celebrate my Mom's birthday on Saturday. Sunday brought the Hawks/Magic game 4 at Phillips Arena... of which we won - & since then won the series.
Monday was in the studio with an artist named Emily Hearn. Pretty good stuff. I basically just played Hammond organ all day in an overdub setting. Tuesday was just getting my life ready for the road. I also bought my late guitar teacher's Ramirez classical guitar from his family. Emotional moment for me. Wednesday brought our departure & more importantly the tornados that ravaged the south. I was fortunate NOT to have any damage to me or anyone that I know.
Thursday was Merlefest in Wilkesboro, NC. Coy & I judged the guitar contest there. It was really cool. Our show was good that night as well. Randy Travis played before us. What a great guy. Half of the band left after the show & the other half hung until later Friday night. I was in my own bed by 4am. Zac stayed... & is actually still there. Again, I say, that these unexpected days off are a gift right now... because I know how busy we are going to be for the rest of the year. Bring it!