Thursday, May 12, 2011

Way Behind on Updates

Since we last spoke we've played a few shows. 2 of those were hometown shows. While technically in Alpharetta, Georgia, we were swamped with family & friends. It was good stress, but stress nevertheless. Glad to kill it for the hometown though.
Sunday not only brought Mothers' Day but the start to my new album. Drummer Mark Cobb, bassist/producer Matt Mangano, & engineer Brandon Bell hauled up in my studio with me for two days of 'basics tracking.' Although I tracked along side those guys, we only plan to 'use' the bass & drums from that session. My tracks are only meant to be a guide at this point. I'm SO excited to have started. Even though I can only work on it a few days every month due to touring, it's better than waiting to start.
We flew out to LAX on Tuesday. Wednesday night's Kimmel performance was short & sweet. We got to play outside... which was nice. Not 30 minutes after we were done, a few of us walked down Hollywood Blvd to a mexican joint to eat. Kind of a neat night.
I write this from the production office set up in the bowels of Raley Field in Sacramento. This run should be interesting.