Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blackberry Smoke - day one

I was up late in Kansas City last night. Then I had to rise early for my flight(s). I flew from KC to ATL. Unfortunately, I didn't stop in Atlanta. I have rarely connected in Atlanta for somewhere else. I made my way to Asheville.
Today was day one of Blackberry Smoke's new album. The first day is always the longest & least fruitful when starting a record. We only recorded 3 songs today. However, the stage is set for fierce tracking over the next few days. I am excited over what we did accomplish today. The sounds were nothing short of amazing. John Kelton & Brandon Bell are major league sluggers when it comes to recording engineering. It's just up to Mangano & I to NOT fuck it up from here in regards to direction for BBS. Kinda let them be the best THEM they can be.
Since is got only a handful of sleep last night, I am ripe for the bed. Tomorrow should start a fresh, new Clay. Bring it on!