Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bus (Cabin) Fever

When you have limited days at home & you do the kinda of things that I do, it's hard get the errands done that I need to get done. Especially when you lose one of those days to sitting around while some one did all of that A/C work under my house. Granted, I'm glad that problem is remedied. I just spent most of the morning running more errands before I made my way to the warehouse to meet the bus.
Not much to report after that. We left Atlanta around 3:30pm bound for Omaha. Just in case you're not good at geography, Omaha is NOT very close to Atlanta. We had a full on case of cabin fever a few hours before 'bed time' on the bus. It was rather entertaining playing orange bowling down the hallway. (Orange bowling: using Solo cups as pins & an orange as the bowling ball).
Anyway, "Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles, Part 1" makes me crack up no matter how many times that I've seen it. Just sayin.' I did a lot of laughing at many different times at many different things tonight. Starting out as a good trip.