Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kansas City, MO

I stayed up really late watching Louie C.K. & Sarah Silverman stand up on TV. Laughed out loud multiple times. I finally rolled out of the bunk around noon. Today was your basic Kenny Chesney show. We had an Eat & Greet in the brutal sun. At some point you have to give in to the idea that you're going to be hot & wet with sweat. It makes it a tad more pleasant to accept it rather than 'trying to keep cool & dry.'
Our set was blazing... both musically & temperature wise. When I walked off stage I looked like some one hit me with a fire hose. I can't reiterate how good the set was though. I had SO much fun. The crowd were troopers for sitting in that heat too.
I made the mistake of sitting in the Kansas City traffic after the show to go to my hotel. The rest of the band flew home after the show. I have to fly to Asheville in the morning to start the Blackberry Smoke album for Southern Ground Records. Stoked.