Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phase 90

So. Almost a month to the day since my last blog entry. I am certainly changing that. Almost immediately. I have decided to change one aspect of my social media life 90º out of phase. 180º would suggest a complete 'about face.' I am just changing the focus. I have disabled the "Ask" function on my Tumblr page. As it stands, I have a answered 18,244 questions/posts. A lot more than I suspected. A lot less than have been asked of me too... I only answered the messages that I thought would be interesting, helpful, or entertaining. I think I had a good run. It will be an unknown hiatus length. As many had pointed out, Tumblr had, albeit in a small way, taken over my life.
I plan to write this blog daily. Unfortunately, I will be away from the internet between Thursday & Sunday... I should be able to chime back in on Sunday. I welcome this change. Although this blog entry is no indicator of how I write here. It will normally be a recap of the day's events. I will be as detailed & entertaining as possible. Maybe one day I will enter back into taking questions again... just not right now.