Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was awake when we pulled into Nashville at 2:30 CST. It was actually an early night compared to the previous few. I'm enjoying the late sleep, late night combination of late. I go through productive & creative spurts when I initially change my sleeping schedule. When it shifts to waking up early, it's a different trip all together. Usually more focus on health & errands during that schedule. While I still get in my my workout in during the afternoon now, it's just not the same.
When I finally rolled out of my bunk around noon, I checked out the stage. We played a private show for the Polaris dealers' convention. Since the majority of our gear is en route to Cheyenne, WY right now, we played rental gear tonight. I inspected the Fuchs guitar rig that they rented for me. It's amazing how different the settings had to be to achieve what felt normal to my ear. It still 'got there,' it just took some wacky knob turning. Tonight's rental 4x2 cabinet was REALLY bright. I had most of the high end rolled off on the EQ on the amp. I don't think that I've EVER turned the 'High' knob down THAT low.
I also needed some new parts for my pedal steel. Luckily, we were in the pedal steel guitar capital of the world. I had a runner take me to Hendersonville, TN & visited Steel Guitar Nashville. Bobbe Seymour has ALWAYS taken good care of me there. I got everything that I needed & then made my way back.
No workout today. It was replaced by the trip to Hendersonville - which was well needed. Shortly after my shower, we started vocal warmups. It was a good show. Short, but good. I am currently riding on a bus home with Hop, Jimmy, & Coy. I should be in my own bed before 6am. Charmed life, I know. Really exciting tomorrow night. Details to come.