Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some days the world gets thrown at you. Some days the world gets thrown at you & you deal with it. Some days the world gets thrown at you & you really come through. I'd like to think that today was the latter.
After last night's King of Leon gathering, I was in the bed rather late this morning. My Mom called & woke me up. Apparently, she has had a great deal of trouble with her car & this morning she was informed that it will be expensive the remedy the current problem. So after I got up, I picked Mom up &, long story short, we got her a new car. She needed it. I just don't want her to worry about it anymore. Bad-ass warranty... should be low insurance. I feel really good about it.
After a late start, I drove down to Jonesboro to pick up one of my pedal steel guitars from repair. THen I made my way to Zac's for the night. Not much else to report other than that. It is what it is. Ready to be out on the road tomorrow.