Friday, July 22, 2011

Twin Lakes, WI

Today started with some serious doubt. I walked outside the bus this morning & noticed the ENTIRE pit section seats under water. Lucky for us they pumped it all out & it was ready for patrons when Charlie Daniels Band started at 4pm... but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Jimmy, Wyatt, & I went to the Lake Geneva YMCA today & played '21' on the basketball court for over an hour. Couple that with some serious ab exercises & I was nice & worn out when we returned to the venue. Then there was CDB. Kickin' ass & takin' names like always. It was inspiring to see them play today. It was also REALLY good to see those guys again... such good dudes.
Our set was a ton of fun tonight. We kept "Can't You See" in the setlist but with no Kid Rock tonight. I had a lot of fun leading that one. Everyone was on their A game tonight.
Ready for tomorrow. Bring it on, Eau Claire!