Saturday, August 6, 2011

Atlanta, GA

I will rest one day. I promise. I did, however, get to sleep in my own bed last night. It seems to center me no matter what is going on. I got up, ran some errands, & then made it out to our tour manager's house by 2:30pm. We had a surprise birthday party for Jimmy De Martini at 3:30pm there. He was genuinely surprised. I came home & cleaned. It was much needed. I haven't cleaned in weeks... granted, I've only spent a few full days at home during that time.
I left the house by 8:30pm for Atlanta. Nic Cowan had a CD release tonight at The Loft. Matt Mangano came down from Nashville for it. It was good to have most of everyone involved in Southern Ground Records under one roof. It doesn't happen often.
I also got to see Maureen Murphy for the first time in over a year. I'll NOT let that much time go without seeing her again.
Nic & his band were fantastic tonight. I worry not for their future.
I really need a good night of sleep. It will happen tonight. Good night.