Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blackberry Smoke - day four

Everyone involved must've had their spinach this morning. Six songs. We cut six fully-involved songs today. That's a VERY productive day. We did work an extra hour tonight but it was worth it. That's 17 songs in 4 days... well, technically it was 3 & a half days. We really didn't start tracking until 6pm on Sunday.
Super stoked about this album though. John Kelton & Brandon Bell are bad-ass musicians. Also, I think Matt Mangano & I work together as any two people in this world. Our communication is great & where I lack, he picks up (& vice versa).
The Hammond B3 died on us today. So we will have a rental for tomorrow... do some overdubs. A very short list. We won't have vocals... but we'll have most of EVERYTHING else.
Now off to dream land. Good night, all.