Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blackberry Smoke - day three

I must have slept funny. I woke up with pain in my shoulders, back, & legs. A tightness. It lingered all day. Today was the most productive day so far. We did 4 songs... but a lot of cool creative stuff came out of those songs. Most of the day was a blur of working. Ben Lovett dropped by. Good to see him. Also, Debra from Fuchs came by. She brought Charlie an amp to try out. It was a Blackjack 21. We were pretty floored by it tonight. So she let us keep it for the duration of recording.
We also had a Traveling Wilburys moment today. We got Charlie & Paul from Blackberry Smoke to cut an acoustic guitar track (joined by Matt Mangano). All three playing acoustic around one mic... doubled. Sounded like an acoustic guitar army marching off to war. Dug it! Eat your heart out Jeff Lynne.
I like this studio. It's really comfortable & cool. I would hope to work here again. Need rest... need to get rid of this nagging minor nerve damage that last night's slumber had caused. I'm sure there is an underlying cause.