Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

First of all, let me say that anything would taste good with Chick-fil-A sauce on it. I would eat a newly fallen pine cone if I had some of that sauce to dip it in. Glad I got that out.
I slept in this morning. It was well needed. I followed that with a brutal, first-day-back workout in the 90ยบ/90% humidity that was rockin' outside. I felt like I was going to blackout a couple of times. I made it through though.
My pest guy renewed my termite bond today as well. He also will install a new door on my crawl space next week... along with some other work. I also had a slow leak in my driver, rear tire. I got that fixed this afternoon. A handful of other errands today. I also set up my backyard shed for practicing (drums, piano, & amplified guitar).
Then I made my way to The Mall of Georgia. My Mom & I went to see 'Cowboys & Aliens.' I liked it. Favreau finally made a movie without HIMSELF in it.
I spent most of the evening paying bills, filing, & such. I bought my Dad a plane ticket to Denver for our Red Rocks show. Happy Birthday, Pops.
Starting to pack for my CRAZY New York weekend. Let's do this!