Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boulder, CO

Late, lazy morning. Love it. We left Denver around 11:30am for Boulder. College football starts early out here. My Dawgs won again. Not much competition the past couple of weeks, but I'll still take the "W's." I spent most of the non-work day watching football. Twas nice.
The work day was rather laborious though. It was a 2 block push/carry to the venue. We had stage hands but it was still lot of work. It was all totally worth it though. At 500 attendees, it was the biggest show that The Wood Brothers have played in Boulder to date (with a 5 year history of shows). A very electric crowd. I had a blast with my set but those folks were on fire for The Wood Brothers.
It was a LONG day though. We just finished loading out at 1:45am. Bunk time.