Friday, September 23, 2011

Denver, CO

I woke up energized this morning. I rolled right out of the bus & decided I wanted to explore the little neighborhood where we were parked. I visited a book store, a record shop, & just walked around. The Wood Brothers went to KBCO's Denver studio & did a live on-air performance. During that time, I took a cab to the hotel, showered, & had lunch.
I came to the bus/venue & started loading in. I increased my responsibilities as Matt will be leaving the tour on Monday. He's been multitrack recording the shows every night. That duty will fall on me next week... but he's getting the system dialed in this week.
The Woods also had a n in-store performance at the record store I visited earlier. DUring that time I had dinner at Chipotle. ON my walk back to the venue, I heard a wreck happen behind me. As I turned around I noticed that a car had hit some one on a scooter. I ran over to help & quickly moved the lady & her scooter off of the main road. While I was the first to get to her & help her, I didn't witness the wreck. Luckily there were two separate groups of people who saw the whole thing. The lady seemed fine but was still carted off to the hospital. I'm sure she'll be fine.
The show was even better than last night. I, again, joined them on stage toward the end of their set on more songs than the night before. Great night. Load out took a while though. We have A LOT of equipment due to the recording... but it's all worth it. Easy ride tomorrow... like 30 minutes or so to Boulder. Yay!