Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ft. Collins, CO

Sunday shows can be weird. Especially in college towns. Ft. Collins is the home of the Colorado State Rams. Now don't get me wrong; every night can be a party night in a college town, but wouldn't you think that Friday & Saturday are easier to party on?
Well, tonight was fantastic. I light crowd in the beginning but a good crowd. I've played all sorts of songs so far on this tour: new ones, old ones, cover songs. I'm starting to really enjoy playing my own songs. I've never felt like I could stand on a stage & truly feel like I'm going to play more than 3-4 songs that people are gonna like. I feel like I've finally grouped enough tunes together to do a 45 good minutes & NOT play the same songs in three consecutive nights. It's a good feeling. For a long time, it was hard for me to play even 30 minutes without playing a few songs that some one else made famous... even if I was a part of their writing.
Well, I'm almost in the groove f this road life. It's definitely NOT as relaxing as the ZBB road life (& I don't have the opportunity to workout out here on this tour). Really looking forward to cranking that back up when I get home - full blast. Rawk!