Monday, September 26, 2011

Moneyball Monday

If you haven't seen the movie... go see it. If you absolutely LOVE baseball, you might want to also read the book. Aaron Sorkin wrote a hell of a screenplay & it was executed masterfully by everyone involved. However, the book was definitely more in-depth (like you'd imagine).
I spent the day at the movies & doing laundry. I also had to buy some software for my new computer. Apparently, the old software is not supported by the new processor. No worries. I haven't updated some of this software in YEARS. & when I say years, I mean pre-Twin Towers attack.
I also spent the evening watching the Monday Night Football in the lobby of the hotel with a handful of folks. I guess they were all on business trips. It felt like we were all refugees &, somehow, I guess we are.
Headed for Central Time tonight. Omaha, here we come.