Sunday, October 2, 2011

Madison, WI

WHat a great show day. It was beautiful in Madison. I've always liked playing here although I have only a handful of times. Mic'ing the room with audience mic's was a challenge. It was a REAL theatre, so I had to hang some mic's from the lighting rafter. A bit more dangerous than I'd like... but I lived.
The show was fantastic for a Sunday night. The crowd was great too. I would think that we got some good contenders for the live album tonight. Even during my set as well. I guess it would be silly to NOT make a live album for myself. At the end of this tour I'll have 15 well recorded sets ready for mix... maybe the best of the tour would be worthy for a solo acoustic live album. Who knows?
Looking forward to tomorrow. Six shows in a row is rough when you're doing three jobs. Ready for some laundry & some rest.