Sunday, October 23, 2011

Refueling Mid-Air

There are certainly people in this world who have a more demanding schedule. I just write what I know. Some people find it entertaining. I write this laying in my (rarely provided) hotel room here in Charleston. Lately, it's been an onslaught of constant work over the past month, starting with The Wood Brothers' tour & culminating (at least at this point) in the Southern Ground Food & Music Festival. Day 3 begins today. It's been stressful; but a fulfilling & good type of stress. I have a few meetings today & to play a set with ZBB. I have tomorrow off... but I'm sure that I'll find things to do (i.e., clean my house & pay bills). Tuesday & Wednesday are back in the studio with Blackberry Smoke... with, what may be, the final days of tracking for their forthcoming album. Then, it's back on the road. I may have loaded up my dance card a little too much over the past few months, but I am happy with the accomplishments. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.