Friday, February 24, 2012

Forever Ago

Sorry about the delay. I've been Über-focused on my move. The update is this: my house is ready for sale & up on the market. The Atlanta studio has been vacated. So now, I wait. The Nashville studio will be in our possession next week. I need to sell my place before I buy one in Nashville.
Since I last wrote I finished mixing The Wood Bros. Live album (Vol.1) along with some bonus material for that project. I started on Vol. 2, but it's due date is later this year... so I'll finish it in Nashville.
The band has played a few gigs. The singers took a few days to go to Key West & record most of the vocals on the album. Last week we had a full band rehearsal to polish some of the new tunes from the record for our live show.
All of this has been quite an undertaking. Lots of stress... albeit good stress. The past two months have been a good set up for the rest of the year... the moves, the record, the tour. Ready.
I'm currently in Daytona Beach to rehearse with the crew tomorrow. The band will be here on Sunday to join us. Let's slap the shit out of 2012.