Monday, December 30, 2013

Evansville, IN

It's too daunting to try to recap since my last post. Let's just try to get back at it. 
We were pretty late getting to the venue this morning. Zac's bus broke down for a couple hours over night. We ride tandem with that bus just in case of times like this.
I worked out this morning. Showered, ate, then took a nap like a 4 year old.
Like most of the US, I watched the NFL as much as I could today. Pretty pleased with the outcome of the playoff slate starting next week. 
Out show was good tonight. I am in constant awe of Matt Mangano. He's such a great musician. Show three was unbelievably solid for him. The future looks bright for ZBB.
Ready for my little lady to show up tomorrow. We have tomorrow off in Detroit. It will be welcome all around.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Checking 1,2,3

So this is my new blogging app for my phone. I've had trouble with these things in the past syncing up & whatnot. Let's see if this makes blogging more convenient & efficient for me.