Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I just don't know. It's just really hard for my current lifestyle to work in blogging on a daily or nightly basis. When I started this blog years ago I was home nearly every night… or in a hotel room every night when I was on the road.
Now, I'm sure I can do this with more frequency but it's certainly not going to happen EVERY night. I'm going to give it one last college try… maybe starting tomorrow night, as tonight will be VERY VERY late.
And THERE's another thing: I can't talk about what I'm doing tonight because it is kinda top secret. Not government agent/kill you "top secret" but I can't tell you nonetheless. I can't even hint at it because some of you will ask me about it during Tumblr Tuesday. I hate not being able to talk about things. So if I blogged tonight the gist would go like this:

  • I travelled from New Hampshire to Atlanta today.
  • I connected in Detroit.
  • This is the 4th time I've been in Detroit in 2014. No joke. I've only been home once. 
  • I had to leave my little lady while she was very under the weather this morning.
Not very interesting. However, I think it's the effort that counts. I'm going to try, try, try again.
Recent listening: Chris Thile - "Bach: Sonatas & Partitas, Vol. 1"

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ready for Travel

I'm starting to get back to my good old self. I've been writing a song. I've been practicing… mandolin only, but it is practice nonetheless. Working out has been consistent. I am planning to NOT do any of this on my trip to Vegas. I used to think I could bring these things in hopes that I MIGHT be able to better myself in Vegas… but my experience tells me otherwise. I'm not going to kid myself.
I'm pretty excited about Vegas though. A few extracurricular activities planned but my focus is on the shows.
January is light on the shows which is good following the pace we'd kept since late summer. 2013 was intense. I'm glad it's over but am glad for everything that happened during the year. 2013 is the kind of year that makes you better if you can survive it. & survive it I did.
2014 should match in intensity. I have some great news to announce in a week or so. It's not of a personal nature… so don't go thinking that I'm getting married to something like that. I'm not going to put that kind of stuff out there. I'm going to be a little more guarded with personal details from now on.
I should probably get to sleep. Tomorrow is not only a long travel day but our only full night off in Vegas. I'd imagine I'll be getting into trouble & will need my beauty sleep to prepare.

Recent listening: "Inside Llewyn Davis" Soundtrack

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Even though I have no dog in the fight for this year's NFL playoffs, yesterday's two wild card games were just amazing television. I am in the Nashville airport traveling to see my little lady for a couple days. I'm also looking forward to watching today's games with her brothers & Dad.
Happy Birthday to my homie, Steve Lee, who joins me in his 30's. The 30's for him better than the 20's.
Anywho, let's beat 2014's ass. Make it your bitch. Carpe Diem. Braveheart speech. Patton. Belushi from 'Animal House.'