Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Follow Up #1

Living in the lap of recovery, I haven't had to do much over the past week. Getting up at 6am is usually my hardest task. I have to get up to take meds... but usually I just go right back to sleep.
This morning was a tad different. My day started full sprint at 6am. The wife, new baby, & I left for Boston this morning. We rolled into Mass Eye & Ear around 11am. This visit was comical in hindsight. They removed the steristrips from behind my ear that covered the entry incision... to everyone's surprise, mostly healed. Also, of the two sections of packing in my ear canal, they only removed the outermost. That's it. I coulda done that at home.
However, Dr. McKenna presented me with some actual pictures of my surgery. Turns out that he only needed to replace the middle hearing bone, the Incus. The crazy part to me is that the prosthesis looked NOTHING like what a normal Incus looks like. The prosthesis actually resembles a pair of folding scissors. I guess that's the best shape for making the movement when made from a metal instead of bone. Who knew?
I'm feeling pretty good. Back up in New Hampshire now hoping for a little rest this afternoon. I have been cleared to walk on the treadmill, which is relieving. I also played a little piano yesterday. It's still  strange only hearing out of my left ear but it felt good to make a joyful noise. My wife & son are keeping me fully alive. They are the reason.
Follow up next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.